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Let’sbegin with our first“hero”
Mr. Jamieson

Harry Jamieson time to fish for Mr. Jamieson the spey river

Harry Jamieson, the only person in the world, who possesses a certificate of the English royal warrant, built the rod currently used by the Prince Charles (the emblem of the prince of Wales, the
3 feathers, is paint on the rod). But not only Prince Charles, other famous people, like the professional golfers Greg Norman or Tom Watson, or actors like Robin Williams, come to the Harry 's shop only to buy rods made by him. (For people who want to learn more about Harry Jamieson's rods, please click in the below link.)

Harry Jamieson Japan CO.
TEL/FAX 043-234-0715
official english website:
japanese homepage http://www/

in the front of Mr. Jamieson's workshop

Koike and Jamieson, talking in front of the Jamieson'workshop. Rod in Koike's hands is a special one for japanese trout.If you look attentively the wall, you can see the 3 feathers insign.

on the road for spey river

On the road for Spey River! Picture took with Ian, from who we received fishing lessons.

Mr. Jamieson' rods

Currently, this "greenheart rod" is only produced by Harry Jamieson (it is made of greenheart, an african wood). This rod, called "father of spey", is extraordinary! We were literally bewitched in listening mister Jamieson, when he explained us the production's method of these fantastic rods. When we visited his workshop, rods produced 100 years  ago were in renovation. People who possess these rods really want to transmit to their children not only the rod, but also the way to enjoy using them. That why I think that this rod deserves the appellation of legendary rod. "grenheart" rods. Only Harry Jamieson can produce these perfect rods ! Jamieson's goal is to create rods which can be used more than 100 years.

Mr. Koike with a salmon never give up !
Mister Koike, who caught a Japanese salmon, thanks to his hability and a rod made by Mr.Jamieson.
Senzaki, pulling a resisting fish.
Naturally, he was using a "clan" rod.
According to Senzaki, only rod can
decide to catch (or not) a fish. It doesn’t
depend of the fisherman.

A fantastic salmon !

Picture of Koike with his bag "Harry Tweed series" (limited version), surprised by blood, which flowed from the salmon's branchy.

Stocks are limited...So if you are interested, please contact the " Silver Lake Club First Shop"
or "Harry Jamieson Japan company" (The 2 only sale points).

Mr. Jamieson with the satin and harry series
Mr. Jamieson, smiling in the front of his workshop. On his knee, a "Harry series" bag made by Mr. Akira Tokio, and on his right side, the "Satin series" bags.

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